About Me

My name is Ben Townsend. I'm currently a Computer Science BSc student at Coventry University. I mainly work with C++ and Python , as shown in my projects. I started programming in education when I did my A level in Computer Science at Sixth Form, however I have always had a passion for computers and technology and taught myself how to code in Visual Basic at a young age, which led me to wanting to start a career in Computer Science.

My Projects

This is a showcase of my independant projects and University projects with a download link and a link to my source code

DMMoD (A Dungeon Master's Master of Dungeons)

My First independant project in C++ this program randomly generates a Name, Race, Level and Stats for an NPC or PC for the TTRPG Dungeons & Dragons.

Discord Chat Bot

This was my group project of semester one. Written in Python this program adds a Discord bot to your Discord server. The functions which I implemented to this bot include Google and Wiki search along with the help menu, issuing commands to the bot itself and intergrating the python code with the discord API.


Currently a work in progress, my first solo Python project. In this project I am trying to make a basic version on Google Home or Amazon's Alexa. Current features are: Playing media, Wiki search and math's equations with numbers less than 1 Million.

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